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Falck makes your journey to the waiting room safe

Global leader in emergency response and healthcare services with a focus on healthcare, ambulance and fire services. In close collaboration with national authorities in 30 countries, Falck provides support within preventive care, curative care and rehabilitation and has approximately 27,000 employees worldwide.

A campaign for Falck Patient Transportation Service

The task

To strengthen the image of its patient transportation service, Falck asked Kunde & Co to help create a campaign that would win over the company’s intended audience. What followed was a communications strategy aimed at increasing knowledge and buying interest among customers by showing them the true value of the service.

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Great analysis leads to solid insights

To plan a successful campaign, Kunde & Co carried out a survey focusing on factors such as buying criteria for Falck Patient Transportation Service. The results showed many of the 2,000+ respondents were unaware of the value offered by the service – most notably, how attractive it can be for energetic and active people who nevertheless need a little support getting to and from healthcare appointments.


Taking the creative path to better communications

Following the consumer survey, Kunde & Co began to develop a communication plan that would enable the service to reach its full potential. This led to a campaign aimed at the target audience of consumers aged 60+ – consumers who don’t necessarily see themselves as needing an extra hand when heading to and from a healthcare appointment.Inspiration for the campaign came from Carpool Karaoke, a TV segment where celebrities sing and converse with their TV host driver. In Falck’s campaign films the audience was introduced to real-life Falck staff members Peter and Malene, with Lone Hertz and John Faxe Jensen as their respective passengers.


Authentic employees and beloved celebrities

One of the most notable insights produced by the survey was the target audience did not like to be perceived as being dependent on others with regards to their health. Therefore, it was important to show these consumers a space where they could be cared for with respect by Falck’s skilled and kind-hearted staff. By using two well-known faces in Lone Hertz and John Faxe Jensen, Falck was able to emphasise to its target audience how everyone needs a helping hand sometimes – even if they happen to be a celebrity.

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Successful campaign

Since launching in 2019, the campaign has been promoted across Denmark, with Lone Hertz and John Faxe Jensen playing a pivotal role. It has been shown on many different media channels, and Kunde & Co has developed commercials for TV, content for social media, ads for print – and so on.

Creative post-test data shows the new concept has performed strongly with ad recall on 67% and branding on 94%. This has been reflected in the commercial results, with media-driven sales having risen 37%.




“Reaction to the campaign has been very positive, with particular praise for our decision to choose Lone Hertz and John Faxe Jensen as our faces – combined with the authenticity provided by using our own staff in the communication.”

– Malene Paulli Buchvald, Nordic Marketing Director, Falck Assistance.


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