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A customer-centric approach delivers an 81% sales increase for market leader

Falck has lent a helping hand to people in need for more than a hundred years. Today, the company comprises four product pillars: Falck Assistance, Falck Healthcare, Falck Emergency and Falck Safety Services. These pillars have a combined revenue of more than €2 billion, employ more than 38,000 employees and provide assistance to customers in 44 countries.


Falck Assistance

The task

Falck wanted to determine which of its products had the most potential, and how best to use their brand in creating market value. Kunde & Co created a solution for Falck’s future strategy and product portfolio, including a new go-to-market strategy that provided an 81% sales increase for Falck’s roadside assistance product, and an increase of over 50% in online revenue across products sold in 2016.

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Market test reveals great potential

The first step was to develop a framework that would reveal the insights needed. Following extensive research and internal interviews with Falck, Kunde & Co developed a web test which featured 3,000 respondents aged 18-80. The test determined that there was indeed significant growth potential across Falck’s product portfolio. To seize this opportunity, Falck needed to focus on its core business and customers, but give the back-to-the-core-strategy a more customer-centric twist by thinking customers and marketing first. This approach would require dedicating resources to educate the market about Falck’s products, and the development of a concept to showcase the products from an “outside-in” perspective.

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A customer-centric approach

A large part of Falck’s portfolio is comprised of ‘reactive’ products for safety and assistance in case of accidents. To add more value to the day-to-day life of its customers, Falck created a new product range to add to their roadside assistance bundle. This includes services such as car wash, tyre change and auto glass repair. Together, we developed a visual concept based on the positioning and what key customers expected from Falck. A concept rooted in the company’s DNA and history, highlighting how Falck is always there to help no matter what, where or the conditions, while showcasing new products.

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The creative concept

As a well-liked and respected organisation, Falck didn’t need a gimmicky campaign that made light of its competencies, but rather one that complemented its high standing in the market. With that, the organisation’s trusted employees formed the foundation of the campaign, supported by its strong DNA.

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An integrated campaign, from push to pull

This customer-centric concept was then unfolded on national television through print ads in magazines and newspapers, as well as digital media – both on and off A completely integrated campaign that included positioning, tactical and lead-generating initiatives where every part supported each other across platforms. This helped Falck shift sales from outbound calls to inbound calls.

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Real focus, real value

Key to the campaign’s success was Falck’s focus on its core customers and products. By taking a point of departure in the target group mapping outlined by Kunde & Co, Falck was supported in their decision to exclude large parts of the market for their campaign initiatives. With a strong focus on the real value-creating customers, we were able to release resources, create a greater presence in the market and cement a stronger position for the brand.


What we delivered

  • Market test: 3,000 respondents 
  • Customer analysis and mapping of target group, growth potential and key products
  • Brand positioning and concept
  • Campaign and theme mapping
  • Development and execution of TVCs and print ads, positioning, and tactical and lead-generating banners
  • Supporting intl. launch of strategy with POS, behind-the-scenes footage, and strategic support to executive management
  • Test and optimisation of message hierarchy and communicational themes
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