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Consistent renewal pays off

Eilersen is a Danish design and sofa manufacturer, that was founded in 1895 by Niels Eilersen and has been devoted to developing furniture of the highest quality since the 1930s. Eilersen’s sofas offer uniquely personalised looks and are sold in more than 20 countries around the world.


The task

When the collaboration began, Eilersen needed to create growth through targeted communication towards end users. Too many resources were spent on communication to the vendors and other stakeholders.


A narrow target group

However, a new marketing strategy that focused sharply on one selected target group quickly changed the picture, and so the growth journey began. During the 10 years of cooperation with Kunde & Co, Eilersen has pursued a uniform strategy. This includes a brand universe in which each picture has expressed an inspiring story and emphasized that an Eilersen sofa is something quite special.  So today, the timeless Eilersen sofas are sold in large parts of Europe, Asia and North America.

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The creative universes

The first creative concept was dramatic, beautiful and eye-catching and helped to position Eilersen sofas as “Design Destinations”. It was distinctive, had personality and quickly distinguished itself positively from its competitors. Later, the creative path changed slightly with the introduction of "Originals Only" in 2015, where the theme in the pictures became a mix of the first fairy tale universe, Danish design and Nordic aesthetics. It resulted in playful phrases, unique themes and strong characters that drew attention to the images and again made Eilersen stand out in the market.


Looking into the future

In 2019, Eilersen introduced a new universe, where the models no longer play the central characters, but supports the story that the specific Eilersen sofa tells. The campaign images are based on trends from today’s society, such as “The Future is Female”, ”Be Social” and ”The Future is Now”, and yet again portrays a brand with a strong attitude and stories to tell.

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Focus and persistence

Throughout the years from 2009 to 2019, Eilersen has kept the same well-defined target group, the same media strategy and a strong personal expression, which is constantly evolving a bit in the universes with the aim of surprise, eye-catchy and inspiration. The persistent and strong positioning has led Eilersen to prosper and the brand is constantly growing. 


What we delivered

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand universe
  • Brand and communication concept
  • Permanent further development
  • Creative implementation
  • Show

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CEO & Founder
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