DNV GL strengthens its leading position in the energy market while streamlining its global campaigns

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, DNV GL is one of the world’s leading consultancy and certification companies, specialising in technical assessment, advisory services and risk management. The company classifies the design, construction, building and operations of ships, offshore units and renewable energy sources. It has an annual turnover of €2.3 billion and employs 16,000 people globally.


The task

After several mergers and acquisitions DNV GL Energy needed to clarify who they are and what they stand for. This called for the development of a new communication platform that could be integrated and activated across all global campaigns.

In close collaboration with DNV GL, Kunde & Co developed a clear and distinct communication concept defining the company’s core position within energy, and a more strategic approach to global campaigns.

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A clear concept

The overall concept needed to set the direction for DNV GL within the energy sector, and drive a clear and differentiated market positioning. We developed the modular, flexible and value-oriented concept, ‘Knowing Energy & How’.

The concept highlights DNV GL’s extensive industry knowledge and competence in managing transitions, and navigating customers through a complex environment, to create true customer value.


One platform to unite all communication

Having developed the concept, Kunde & Co turned its attention to DNV GL’s nine global campaigns, which were eventually trimmed to four major strategic themes – Wind, Solar, Future Grids and Sustainable use – with the communication concept integrated across each.


Introducing a full dashboard solution for all marketing activities

Following the project, we initiated a process for measuring and tracking marketing activities.

The result was a global marketing and campaign dashboard that measured and visualised all activities across the marketing and brand funnels.

This was supported by overall business dashboards focusing on key KPIs to ensure clear reporting for top management.

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  • DNV GL launched an internal communication platform for 2,500 energy division employees
  • Communication was streamlined from nine campaigns to four key strategic themes
  • Real-time dashboard solution for 5 global regions and 3 business units

What we delivered

  • Videos
  • Ads
  • Presentations
  • Newsletter
  • Social media content
  • Campaign concepts
  • Exhibition concept
  • Dashboard platform
  • Animations



Adding value to customers

While DNV GL is considered a global thought leader within the energy sector, analysis showed that its customers valued the impact of the company’s knowledge to their businesses the most.

The energy landscape is changing rapidly, driving a great need for the latest knowledge on technical solutions and risk management. However, customers still want to know how DNV GL can increase their business performance.

This is reinforced by an increasingly varied group of stakeholders, which no longer comprises primarily technical decision makers.

DNV GL’s strategic focus was to increase customer orientation and to explain how the company adds value.

We therefore developed the Knowing Energy & How concept to not only promote DNV GL capabilities, but to also show how DNV GL constantly adds value to its customers.


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Partner - Country Manager, Germany
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