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Leading Danish energy trading house repositions in a fast-changing energy market

Facing increasing competition in the European energy markets, Danske Commodities established a stronger market position with help from Kunde & Co, who provided DC with a new brand platform and visual identity - conceptualising their corporate strategy.

Danske Commodities

The task

Danish energy trading house Danske Commodities has experienced unprecedented growth since its foundation in 2004, but found itself lacking a clear market profile after undergoing management changes, while tackling increasing competition in its core markets. Danske Commodities turned to Kunde & Co for a solid brand platform and positioning strategy for future growth.


The process

Based on interviews with both internal and external key stakeholders - employees, TSOs, banks, counterparties and customers - Kunde & Co determined key brand characteristics, forming a foundation for the brand position. A competitive analysis of major European market competitors enabled us to identify the differentiation level of the key brand characteristics.

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Digital audit as the cornerstone for the positioning

To quantify the results of the competitor analysis, Kunde & Co conducted a digital audit of competitors through both semantic and keyword performance analyses across key European markets. Results showed the market was full of competitors with poor digital presence - they addressed neither industry-dominating themes nor specific agendas. This provided an opportunity for Danske Commodities to position and differentiate itself by focusing on flexibility, agility and time to market.

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The concept:
"Challenge. Compete. Repeat."

Acknowledgement of its "market challenger" role, and deeply-rooted energy trading expertise, gave Danske Commodities a natural edge over more traditional utility firms and competitors - leading to development of the new communication concept, "Challenge. Compete. Repeat."


What we delivered

  • Positioning strategy and brand platform
  • Communications concept
  • Corporate Visual Identity
  • Annual Report
  • Corporate website
  • Corporate Brochure

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Senior Partner
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