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Positioning an intelligent component as ‘value adding’

Danfoss Drives develop variable frequency drives that control electrical motors precisely. The drives help boost productivity as well as save energy - driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow. The Drives division has more than 4000 employees and 50+ years of existence.


The task

Danfoss Drives products are entering the era of connectivity and Industrial IoT. This evolution brings opportunities for their customers to get even more out of their drives. It also has fundamental implications for Danfoss’ business which are difficult to navigate.

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The implications from digitalization of systems

Variable frequency drives have always been embedded with significant computing and sensing power. Danfoss drives are unique as they are compatible with any motor or data ecosystem, with strong edge analytics capabilities. The challenge was to find a simple way to convey the value that approach brings when systems and products are digitized.


New market dynamics required deeper market insights

The introduction of connectivity to systems that use drives also meant a change in stakeholders for Danfoss Drives. Now they include IT departments, IoT advisors, and Telecom companies. Expert interviews, insights from reports and an in-depth digital listening study was conducted to get the insights needed for the revamped position.


Intelligent drives as the gateway for simpler IoT systems

IIoT often means complex and costly systems with many components. The value gap identified was using intelligent drives as your smartest IoT component. Drives can sense and process data on the edge and share it with the rest of the system. Customers get a more capable system with higher data security that is simpler and cheaper to operate.

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Unleash the intellingence from within

Danfoss' intelligent drives essentilly unleash the intelligence from within as it has a high number of internal sensors and integrated processing power. This reflects Danfoss' new role in ecosystems, and where they can deliver superior value to customers compared to commonplace solutions. The concept included a strong value proposition and messaging tailored to the industry through deep customer understanding.



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Targeted positioning towards digitally mature accounts

The activation was focused on winning share of mind with digitally mature key accounts. The goal was to show Danfoss, the leader in drives, in a new context. The targeted approach included two main audience groups; influencers like IT consultancies and telco firms, and technical profiles and senior decision-makers of key accounts.




“Unleash the intelligence within neatly sums up the power of Danfoss’ intelligent drives. But to be relevant within Industry 4.0 you need a distinct and clear position and value proposition. Kunde & Co helped in finding the value gaps, bringing the position to market as well as facilitating change internally."


Gina Dyrvig Mentz, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications, Danfoss Drives


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The concept and positioning campaign has helped set the direction for the future of intelligent drives in Danfoss. Both in terms of solution development, sales training and client engagements. The program has strongly positioned Danfoss Drives’ IoT capabilities with the most important stakeholders, and facilitated internal alignment on how to talk about the IoT opportunities of intelligent drives.

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What we delivered

  • 1 Market research and strategic implications overview
  • 1 Value proposition and messaging framework
  • 1 concept film
  • 3 application films
  • 5 key visuals
  • Landing page
  • Social & digital activation

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