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A long, poetic love affair gets Citroën back in the race with 52% increase in sales within the first month

Citroën is priced at the lower end of the Danish car-market but, unlike many of its competitors, has a long history of exceptional originality, as demonstrated by its iconic cars such as the legendary 2CV and DS19. But how do you tap into this without being overly nostalgic? And how do you adapt a set global strategy to what is an unusual Danish market?



The Task

A market survey of 3,500 people centred on their opinions of existing and new creative concepts enabled Citroën to get to know its Danish customers, their behaviour and how they related to the 100-year-old brand. The task was to translate segments, behaviour and data into an emotional and impactful campaign that could support the brand while converting brand power into sales at the same time.


The result

Since the campaign launched in December 2017, the sales have only gone one way – and that is up. Comparing January 2017 to January 2018, Citroën has sold three times as many main campaign models (Citroën C4 Cactus), 108% more of the four campaign models, and looking across all models and channels the sales have increased with 52% - and the numbers continue to look good.

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The Concept

How do you create a concept that embrace all the components that make Citroën so special? How do encapsulate the originality, the beautiful design, the charm, the comfort, the creativity and the great heritage? You make the concept a person. Another true bon vivant. We made the beloved director, poet and journalist Jørgen Leth the concept.


The Team

As Jørgen Leth rarely does commercials, his son, the award-winning Asger Leth, was crucial for the campaign. Their relation and Asger’s vision were perfect for achieving the required authenticity and emotions.

With such a strong duo, the project attracted other creative forces, such as the world-renowned photographer Nicolaj Brüel

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Jørgen Leth

Leth is a true original who cares deeply about aesthetics, design, creativity, heritage and most importantly – Citroën. The love story between Citroën and Jørgen started when he bought his first car many decades ago and his warm feelings for the brand have shown themselves in both his poetry and film making.

Jørgen is a true artisan of the written word. He’s become famous for making everything he articulates deeply poetic, stimulating and thought-provoking – especially if it’s something he loves, like the Tour de France, films… or Citroën.

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