A new corporate concept distinguishes Carestream Dental and clearly communicates its unique corporate DNA

Headquartered in the US, Carestream Dental is a leader in dental imaging solutions and practice management software for dentists worldwide. From its corporate offices in Atlanta, USA, Carestream Dental helps dentists in more than 120 countries optimise their performance and workflow.

Carestream Dental

The task

Development of a new brand positioning to align communication after a series of mergers and acquisitions. Roll out of the new brand platform in a range of supportive elements, integrated marketing campaigns and customer programmes.

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A rational concept and a strong promise

The concept “The Carestream Dental Factor” was developed from in-depth insights into Carestream Dental’s corporate DNA derived form over 100 qualitative interviews of Carestream staff, subsidiaries, dealers, opinion leaders and dentists. The concept comprises three cornerstones: diagnostic excellence, workflow integration and humanized technology. With the concept in place under the new brand promise “Let’s redefine expertise” Carestream Dental was ready and able to stand out from its competitors.


Bringing the concept to life with on-going marketing activities

Kunde & Co developed a range of elements to support the new concept. These quickly earned positive feedback from a number of leading dentists. The brand message is still an integrated part of the ongoing marketing strategy and campaign activities, developed and executed by Kunde & Co since the beginning of 2011.

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Building relations with the Touch Point Program

A central step in the rebranding project was fostering closer relations to dentists through highly relevant communication. To do this we developed an automated dialogue program called “The Touch Point Program”. This uses data to trigger automated email flows. The program cultivates potential and existing customers through lead nurture flows, welcome flows and up- and cross-sales flows.

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What we delivered

  • Customer and market analysis
  • Corporate concept and positioning
  • Creative concept
  • Internal online brand training platform
  • Concept film
  • Concept brochure
  • Corporate website
  • Automated dialogue programme
  • Ads, emails, landing pages etc. 

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