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As a creative at Kunde & Co, you become part of one of Denmark’s largest and most versatile creative departments. 

Art directors, graphic designers, copywriters, motion designers, art workers, and other creatives work together to create everything from concepts and large, integrated campaigns to full scale CVIs and user-centric digital solutions.

No two days are the same as a Kunde & Co creative. We work in different teams, tailormade for each project, challenging established thoughts, reinventing our skills, and forging new paths.

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Art Director

A drive to solve the unique challenges of each client with creative solutions is what makes a Kunde & Co art director a visionary force.

You work closely with consultants to understand the requirements of a client and come up with creative ideas that can be transformed into strong concepts and campaigns. Collaborating with other creatives, you build campaigns that work on varied channels and formats, leading clients to stronger market positions. 



A combination of creative and strategic outlook with skills to not only come up with catchy lines but take it forward to create an entire story is the hallmark of a Kunde & Co copywriter.

Using your stellar writing skills, you capture the target market’s interest. You work in close cooperation with art directors and consultants to create concepts and content that lead distinctive market positions. You collaborate across teams for multiple clients, weaving stories in varied formats, meeting challenges head on.

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Graphic Designer

A flair of creating a strong and positive brand image through design skills is the stamp of a Kunde & Co graphic designer.

Working with logo design, typography, photo and illustration style, iconography, colour palettes and layout principles, you ensure a consistent visual identity for each client across channels and platforms. Collaborating with art directors, copywriters, consultants, and project managers, you play a vital role in creating strong market positions with visual representation.


Motion Designer

The ability to bring ideas and stories to life in order to elevate campaigns and concepts to the next level makes you an asset to more than one team at Kunde & Co. 

You collaborate  with the film department to take their creativity further, you help the go-to-market department to create more engaging social posts, and you, of course, work with other creatives and consultants to create animations, social posts, and much more. As an integrated part of the creative department, you are continually introduced to new tools, in 2D and 3D, helping you grow further as a professional.

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Digital Designer

A passion for furthering user experience on digital platforms is what sets you apart as a Digital Designer at Kunde & Co.

Your skills are directed towards creating and enhancing elements for the digital interface, be it for website, social media posts, banners, interactive elements, or other media. Working in close collaboration with consultants, art directors, copywriters, designers, and motion designers, you ensure that a campaign is geared to succeed on digital channels.



A cornerstone of Kunde & Co, the Studio team includes photographers, retouchers, and art workers.

It is here that every visual, be it printed or digital, is given the final touches before going live. Apart from ensuring perfection in every element, the team collaborates with different teams in varied areas - from creating new elements and working with the film department for shooting to capturing captivating images on their cameras and liaising with freelancers.


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