Life at Kunde & Co

An agency unlike the rest since 1988

Our story began in 1988 with Jesper Kunde, a man known for his visionary branding methodology. And we’ve grown into a family of 170 thinkers, spread across three bustling hubs, where every individual contributes to the richness of our company fabric. Here, creatives and strategists don’t just share office space; they share a common mission for the clear and the genuine.

A collective of passionate, diverse people on a shared mission to drive positive change

At Kunde & Co we find strength in different viewpoints, because true brilliance lies when varied perspectives unite.

We’re the kind of ‘nerds’ who can’t help but dive headfirst into our clients’ worlds, armed with an insatiable curiosity for everything from big-macro trends to the nitty-gritty micro details. This is where diversity of thought creates our success, and where the “nerdiest” among us shine the brightest.

Pursue creative strategy

Strategy and creativity isn’t just our bread and butter; it’s our jam. We’re inquisitive by nature, and it shows in our work: less noise, more substance, with a dedication to combining the right strategic approach with a bold creative solution. At Kunde & Co, the brightest minds work together, without a fanfare. We thrive on challenges, embrace the complex, and obsess about adding genuine value.

Share knowledge freely

In this age of constant distraction, meaningful discussions and learning become rare whereas they truly fuel business growth. At Kunde University, learning is continuous, so that growth is constant. We're all about sharing what we know, developing our skills, and staying ahead of the curve in industry trends and competitor moves. We’re not just in the business of creating better business; we're in the business of creating brighter minds.

Celebrate moments together

We’re not all about the work; we’re also about the moments in between too, where we can go all-out with generously hosted and eagerly anticipated full company parties as well as smaller, regular themed Friday Bars. These are the nights that go down in Kunde folklore, and where you become part of our shared story.

Want to join the team?

We’re always searching for ambitious and talented individuals. If you’re motivated, intelligent, and passionate about a meaningful work environment, let’s get to work!