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A strong we-culture, characterised by a common drive to deliver the best solutions in the industry


Kunde & Co’s consultants have the overall responsibility for managing and developing solutions for the agency’s customers.

As a consultant, you are either employed by one of our account teams, or work in one of our four specialist departments – Analysis, digital activation and destination, Go To Market or internal communications.


Career as a consultant

An ambition to grow and develop as much – and as fast - as possible is central to being a consultant. And we share your ambition. Because only by having the best people can we deliver the best results for our clients.

Being a consultant at Kunde & Co is very much an ongoing developmental process, and you yourself will influence how quickly you progress. As you move forward in our system you are given more and more responsibility.


Assistant consultant

Your studies are well underway and you’ve probably started a master’s degree that focuses on marketing, branding and business.

You are eager to learn and prepared to put time and energy into your professional development.

Your primary task will be to support our more experienced consultants who, at the same time, are responsible for training you.


Associate consultant

You have completed your studies and have a master, MBA or an equivalent qualification. You already have some work experience from a student employee position, a marketing department or advertising agency.

You know already you want to pursue a career as a consultant and you are willing to invest the effort it takes. As an associate consultant, you are a part of a larger team of consultants and project managers. You will quickly be given your own projects – but you will always be supported by the team’s more experienced consultants.



You have gained a good understanding of marketing and business in general. Supported by a senior consultant, you now lead your own projects and handle dialogue with clients independently.

You have financial responsibility for your own projects and, if talented enough, you also service your own clients yourself. You work closely with the agency’s creative team and project managers to deliver the industry’ best solutions to our clients.


Senior consultant

You are always one step ahead of the client. By now you have the competence – and confidence – to discuss branding and marketing strategic issues with our clients directly, and to advise them on how we can help them build strong market positions.

You have financial responsibility for your own projects and customers and are not afraid to be measured by the results you produce. You work closely with the creative team and project managers and you are capable of taking responsibility for larger, integrated communication projects.


Group director

As a Group Director you are responsible for building up your own business, and you now lead your own team of project managers and consultants.

You are able to discuss, develop and implement high-level strategies for Danish and international companies. Moreover, you play an increasingly important role in the management of internal processes within Kunde & Co.



Whether an Associate Partner, a Partner or a Senior Partner you are now part of Kunde & Co’s management team.

Together with the other partners you share the economic responsibility, as well as the ongoing development, of the agency. You are still heavily involved in client work, and through your expertise our clients achieve strong results.


Our recruitment process

Step 1: First interview

Relevant previous positions, good grades and a strong personality will take you to the first step of our recruitment process: A screening interview. This gives you the opportunity to present yourself to our experienced consultants, who will decide if you go further in our recruitment process. 


Step 2: Case solving

The best way to see if you have what it takes is to test how you work. We will give you a case and 72 hours to prepare a solution before you present it to a group of senior consultants. They will judge the academic level of your presentation, your presentation skills and your capability of putting together a strong presentation. 


Step 3: Speed date

Last step before the contract is handed out is to meet a larger group of your potential colleagues. This will give them a chance to meet you and – importantly – for you to meet them. It’s no secret: You have to be damned talented to land a job at Kunde & Co, but it is as important that your personality is a fit with Kunde & Co’s culture.


Step 4:

You made it – welcome to Kunde & Co!


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