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An invigorated narrative for iconic Danish designs

With help from Kunde & Co, Rosendahl Design Group fortified the foundation for developing its brand portfolio, injecting new life into four of its most significant brands. This elevates the value of the individual brands and strengthen Rosendahl Design Group as a whole.

The task

Since 1984, Rosendahl Design Group has been a leading producer and marketer of Danish design. But in recent years, competition has intensified with many smaller brands and strong retailers launching competing products. A repositioning process brings the individual brands back to their DNA – greater accessibility to good design.




We chose to collaborate with Kunde & Co because we needed to create a strong brand, a knowledge-driven foundation, and an understanding of our different brands DNA, our customers' perception, and equally important, who were the most important group to target. We have achieved this and more, and today we have ensured a common understanding of our brands and their target groups across the entire organization from design to sales."


– Mette Maix, CEO Rosendahl Design Group


The consumer perspective

Prior to the new foundation, a comprehensive analysis that included both employees at Rosendahl Design Group and consumers was made. Internally, employees from management to design, marketing, sales, and customer service were interviewed. Their answers laid the foundation for several strategic hypotheses that were tested among 3,000 Danish consumers between the age of 18 and 80. The test mapped which values were most important, how the different brands were perceived, and what they had in common. In addition, various creative concepts, image styles, and pay-offs were tested. The analysis also showed who Rosendahl Design Groups' most important target groups are, what characterises their purchasing behaviour, and their interests related to interior design in the home.


Four brand concepts

Based on the strategic and creative insights as well as the defined brand platforms, Rosendahl, Kähler, Kay Bojesen, and Holmegaard developed individual brand concepts that focus on the essence of each brand and communicate each unique narrative; The Kähler collective workshop, Kay Bojesen's ability to create original stories in its wooden products, Holmegaard's world of glass, and Rosendahl's design quality. These narratives are unfolded in concept images and texts executed in both offline and online channels. The campaign was launched in February 2021, less than a year after the new strategy and consumer analysis were first discussed.


A targeted effort towards consumers

The process also resulted in a collaborative management tool, which now supports the ongoing work with the brand portfolio in terms of design, product development, and marketing. Overall, the strategy, tools, and concepts have helped to ensure a greater impact on the most important target groups, which has helped strengthen each brand's position. 


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