Strong brands take time

Eilersen has shown phenomenal growth globally and the journey continues. People have had a lot on their minds over the past year, and Eilersen takes time to focus on some of this in their new campaign.

The task

The Eilersen brand is a contemporary product in more than one sense. On one hand, Eilersen’s sofas and furniture are created with a focus on maintaining good craftsmanship and quality while developing new products based on current trends and preferences. On the other hand, Eilersen has successfully created a strong brand by being consistent. Year after year, Eilersen follows the same thoughtful strategy and template for staging and communicating about its exquisite furniture. This has resulted in a brand with a clear identity and a unique position. It is a brand that stays relevant by taking time to be at the forefront when developing new campaigns.


Take your time

The creative concept of the latest Eilersen campaign, ‘Take your Time’ is based on insights that the modern consumers’ need for time and reflection are associated with improved quality of life and the value it brings. Moving out of the use-and-throw-away culture, consumers are opting for quality that is resolute and durable. And these are the values that Eilersen furniture represents in its purest form.


Brand impact

With ‘Take your time’ as the focal point, the campaign taps into a variety of today’s most current and relevant agendas which are dramatised and turned into effective tableaus of people and sofas. Eilersen furniture is presented in a characteristic way with distinct imagery that is easily recognisable, ensuring a high branding impact.


Exclusive result

A focused strategy and a creatively strong communication universe that can be refreshed periodically to connect with the target group created a strong position as an exclusive sofa brand – all leading to rapid progress in the markets along with continued growth.


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Jesper Kunde

CEO & Founder
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