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Making a difference: Company film for Armacell

Armacell is company from Luxemburg with European headquarters in Münster, Germany, and two main business segments: Advanced Insulation and Engineered Foams. They focus on insulation materials for technical equipment, high-performance foams for high-tech and lightweight applications and next generation aerogel blanket technology. Armacell has more than 3,000 employees in 25 production facilities over 17 countries.


The task

As the inventor of flexible insulation for industrial plants and leading provider of technical foams, Armacell develops energy-efficient solutions with an added value. To fill the claim “MAKING A DIFFERENCE AROUND THE WORLD” with more life, Armacell chose Kunde & Co as a strategic and creative sparring partner – and assigned us with the development of a company film.

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Efficient even in implementation

In order to be as efficient as possible when developing the film, we chose an intelligent step-by-step approach. We started with two different suggestions for film directions, which Armacell considered internally and then combined. We then developed a storyline for this combined solution which, among other things, also included the definition of an animation style. Only when this was coordinated and authorised by the customer, did we create a more detailed storyboard – followed by the creative realisation through our film specialists. 


Modern imagery

The finalised film shows the world’s relevant megatrends and in which areas Armacell can offer their intelligent insulation to make living and working better and more efficient. The film’s modern imagery underlines the defined look and feel of Armacell, which can also be found in their most recent annual report. This look, as well as the compact description of Armacell’s competences, makes it the ideal tool for company presentation.

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Order for next film already placed

The final product is already in use in a number of ways – not only as a flagship asset on the starting page of, but also on the YouTube and other social media channels of Armacell, in the entrance halls of company facilities and at trade fairs around the world. And, a sure sign of a happy customer: Orders for a following film on the topic of sustainability as well as a social media campaign have already been placed.


What we delivered

  • Film concept
  • Storyline
  • Animation development
  • Creative implementation
  • Customisation for various channels

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Bjørn Olsen

Partner - Country Manager, Germany
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