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Repositioning Ricoh in the digital space

The international digital services and document company, Ricoh moves from a brand position in office printing to digital services that empower workplaces around the world.

The task

During recent years, digitalisation of the workplace has grown rapidly and with Covid-19, the development has accelerated even further. The market is, however, highly fragmented with an endless number of vendors trying to gain a share. In this market, Ricoh Europe operates as a leading solution provider of digital services. Solutions that include business process management, digital workspace, cloud and infrastructure, digital experience, and digital cyber security systems. Ricoh has a substantial portfolio of digital services to offer but experiences very little awareness around this part of their business. The traditional printing solutions is still the dominating reputation driver for Ricoh. This is why they set out to change their position.


Studying challenges and concerns

Together with Kunde & Co, Ricoh conducted qualitative desk research, defined key business topics and deep-dived into current challenges and concerns to understand how they can better meet the market and drive demand. And, by studying media, blogs, and influencers, it has become clear which sources and what kind of messages Ricoh should use to influence their target groups.




“Kunde & Co is a trusted partner who dares to challenge the status quo. They have a very solution-driven approach which is helping us reposition our business for the future.”


- Caroline Bright, Senior Vice President Marketing, Ricoh Europe


Leading change of work

The findings led to the creation of a new creative concept, ‘Leading change of work’ that embodies Ricoh taking responsibility for driving workplace transformation and how to do things smarter and with impact. That they can help unleash human potential from the power and opportunity of technology and build better workplaces, both on-site and remotely.


Standing out

With the use of a stage in the ‘Ricoh red’ colour, they now stand out in the market and display solutions and products, case stories, dilemmas, customer imagination, actual events and more. In addition, a huge web refresh of hundreds of pages is ongoing and should position Ricoh as the digital services company that solves challenges. Here, a bolder, more modern design with a new user-friendly customer journey will create space for valuable interactions to improve audience engagement. Finally, nested campaigns around five key thematic subjects like cyber security and IT consulting are currently being developed.


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