Anything but neutral results for Neutral’s Nordic campaign

Part of the Unilever conglomerate, Neutral is a dedicated “free from” home and personal care brand. It is Denmark’s best-selling laundry detergent brand, committed to saying ‘No to skin allergies’ with its portfolio of mild, high-quality products for over 25 years. Kunde & Co has been Neutral’s lead agency since 1998.



The task

The task was to strengthen Neutral’s position in the Nordic market through development of a strategic communications concept.


Increased competition calls for new concept

Since 1998, Neutral has established itself as the leading brand in the category and the best-selling laundry detergent in Denmark. Yet, over the years as awareness of allergy-friendly products increased, competition in the market intensified.

This called for a new communication concept to strengthen Neutral’s position in the market, while establishing the brand as the natural choice within the Nordic markets.

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A core concept for core consumers

The concept was based on a strategic analysis of core target groups. However, the research revealed that there were slight differences in the brand’s position and its customers across the Nordic countries. This called for a Nordic concept to be developed and then adapted for implementation in each market.

In close collaboration with Neutral, Kunde & Co developed the concept: “An attitude towards sensitive skin”. The concept would not only position Neutral for people with allergies or sensitive skin, but also target consumers looking to protect their families. This strategy meant Neutral avoided stigmatising consumers, while increasing the product’s appeal.


Real people, real life situations

Rather than models, the concept called for real people. This was to highlight Neutral’s approachability, while securing eye-level communication with the target group.

The focal point was a family surrounded by the harmful substances they face every day. A qualified spokesperson then reinforced the importance of protecting families against additives that cause skin allergies.

A series of advertorials supported the ads, focusing on further insights to position Neutral as the skin allergy expert.


Integrated communications to target consumers

The campaign commenced in magazines targeting women with children, broader women’s magazines, selected health journals, television ads, social media and other channels.

On the campaign site,, users could share their experiences living with sensitive skin. This enabled Neutral to build a stronger relationship with its most engaged consumers, while creating awareness around the brand’s portfolio.


What we delivered

  • Customer analysis
  • Integrated campaign concept
  • Endorsement campaign
  • TVC
  • Print ads
  • Advertorials
  • Campaign site
  • Digital activation

A stronger brand and increased awareness

The campaign’s results show Neutral’s position is stronger and awareness is greater among core consumers across all categories. On top of this, non-disclosed numbers reveal shares in the competitive Danish retail market have increased.


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