Communicating sustainability in 2023 and beyond

Learnings from an insightful sustainability seminar

Last year, we hosted an insightful one-day seminar exploring effective sustainability communication in today’s competitive environment. Joined by communications experts from Ramboll and Grundfos, we took a deep dive into what works and what doesn’t. And how you can leverage powerful storytelling, marketing and creativity to deliver an authentic sustainability narrative. One that accurately reflects your ambitions and efforts – and keeps you ahead of the competition.

A strategic agenda

If there’s one thing we learned from our sustainability seminar, it’s this: Sustainability is now a strategic agenda for all businesses

Stakeholders worldwide – politicians, professionals and consumers – currently demand real action and transparency. This presents a fantastic opportunity to deploy powerful sustainability communication strategies that strengthen your brand and put it ahead of the competition.

But this can only be achieved by throwing the conventional playbook out of the window. Because there’s a tightrope between impactful sustainability communication and the risk of greenwashing. And walking it requires a more structured and holistic approach.

The blueprint for future sustainability communications

Here’s where a “Sustainability Intent Blueprint” steps in. It achieves the exact structured, holistic approach brands need to build credible stories around their sustainability efforts, going beyond mere ESG principles towards ambitious storytelling and brand-building.

Today, you can already lay the first brick on the road to a stronger, unified and differentiated sustainability story. One that sets the strategic direction and creative tone for all future sustainability communication and campaign efforts – now and into the great green future. Get hold of us and let’s discuss the possibilities.

And remember, we’re always eager to connect, share perspectives and help lay the first brick on the road to greater sustainability communications for your brand.

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Lasse Telling

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