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Kunde & Co delves into marketing’s future role in B2B

In an era where standing out based on genuine value is paramount for international B2B companies, our breakfast briefing seminar addressed the crucial shift away from traditional product-centric marketing towards strategies that emphasise true differentiation and customer-centricity.

Ready to embrace the shift

Gone are the days of hiding behind products; customers now seek brands that offer expertise and authority. The focus has shifted from selling products to being recognised as the optimal solution provider for the future.

To thrive in this evolving landscape, businesses must adopt robust argumentation for their offerings, transcending basic feature narratives. Complete with a comprehensive go-to-market framework that delivers a stronger value-experience for customers and one that drives the commercial process.

Dominate or diminish

We covered key topics such as understanding market challenges across business verticals and geographical homogeneity, crafting a value story that extends beyond products, and aligning with the correct customer journeys to ensure relevance.

One of the biggest takeaways for winning in the future marketplace is that it requires a deep understanding of customer decision-making processes, effective go-to-market strategies, and a willingness to hammer out the real value businesses can offer to stand apart from the competition.

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