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Oday & Kunde & Co decode the mysteries of AI

Drawing from extensive research and experiments, our recent webinar explores AI’s impact on business, marketing and human behaviour. Offering valuable insights into how it’s shaping the future of strategy, customer experiences and the ways we work. And tackling more practical questions like how to leverage the benefits of AI whilst avoiding the pitfalls, or whether outsourcing marketing to an AI agent is a smart strategy for your brand in the long run.

Can AI grasp human value?

AI is revolutionary. A word we didn’t use lightly in our recent webinar with Oday. It’s reshaping business, reinventing user journeys and encouraging brands like yours to rethink their marketing strategies and online customer connections.

Traditionally, digital marketing ecosystems hadn’t considered the online browsing experience as an upper funnel game. But with groundbreaking generative AI search tools currently under development, the game is changing.

Customers will no longer spend countless hours browsing multiple websites or asking close friends and family for inspiration before making a purchase.

Generative, highly intuitive and almost lifelike AI assistants will do the heavy lifting. Learning everything about the customer, gathering the necessary inspiration, offering tailored recommendations, and then opening a dialogue to help finalise the purchasing decision.

Because of that, the landscape of brand engagement and connecting with your customer base will undergo a significant transformation. And it has never been more essential to convince these assistants that your brand and products are competitive and worth recommending.


Jacob Hvam, Oday, 15+ years in strategy, experience design and innovation. Jacob is an esteemed figure in the field, with knowledge extending across behavioural economics and how technology impacts human decision-making.
Tobias Ambs-Thomsen, Kunde & Co, 20+ years in marketing on agency and client side. Tobias is a specialist in new technologies and innovation. As a seasoned professional, he possesses a deep understanding of how technology impacts marketing.

We’re always ready to answer questions about AI, its impact on your business in the future, and how each tool can better maximise brand engagement, customer journeys, and marketing strategies.

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