Brands of the

Brands of the future seminar

In May 2024, the scenic Langelinie Pavilion in Copenhagen was the backdrop for our Brands of the Future seminar with Bjarne Corydon and Jesper Kunde. The event brought together industry leaders and experts to share their insights on brand positioning and business transformation in an increasingly complex world defined by uncertainty and change.


Børsen's bold moves

Bjarne Corydon, CEO and editor-in-chief at Børsen, shared the intriguing journey of Børsen’s market transformation since 2018. He delved into the strategic pivots and the relentless focus on re-establishing Børsen’s mission as a politically neutral platform for the business community.

Brand positioning:
The Jesper way

Jesper Kunde, CEO and founder of Kunde & Co, brought his decades of experience to the table, discussing the art of brand positioning and why it is now more critical than ever. He broke down the essentials of creating a strong brand presence and how to dodge common pitfalls with market understanding and a clear value proposition.

Future-proofing brand strategies

Attendees walked away with a solid grasp of the importance of adaptability and clear vision, thanks to Corydon’s insights on market changes. Kunde’s talk emphasised the need for a well-defined brand position to cut through the noise and secure lasting loyalty. These combined lessons offered a practical guide for improving brand strategies for the future in an ever-changing world.

This seminar was just the beginning. Future installments of the Brands of the Future series promise even more deep dives into the strategies and transformations that shape leading brands. Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

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