Is your brand built for change?

How to future-proof your brand: Turn disruptions into opportunities.

The world is not just changing fast. Change is no longer linear, and disruptions come from everywhere. This creates new opportunities for brands – if they know how to identify them.

This was the outset of Kunde & Co’s half-day seminar in Oslo, where we explored three topics that we believe will define the resilience of future brands. We shared insights, tools, and best practices on making sustainability a value driver for your brand, how to use AI to stand out and avoid the risk of blending in, and, lastly, how to navigate increasingly complex customer journeys.

What’s your sustainability story?

There is no one way to communicate your brand’s sustainability story because no two stories are alike. Add the fear of being called out for greenwashing or not doing enough. At the seminar, we discussed and explored cases that showed how to craft a trustworthy and engaging sustainability narrative for your brand. Spoiler alert: it always begins with knowing precisely what your sustainability story entails. We showed how Kunde & Co has helped identify and craft strong brand positions based on an in-depth analysis of a brand’s unique story. Once the foundation is in place, we showcased how the creative execution of the story really has no limits.

Sure, AI can make you better – but it can also make you lazy

Another disruption that most brands will probably be familiar with by now is the AI revolution. How quickly AI has become a part of our everyday lives—and the possibilities keep expanding minute-to-minute. However, while AI has made many lives easier and possibly more creative, it also risks potentially slowing down creativity because we use it for the things that human intelligence does best. We shared examples of creative campaign executions that would not have been possible without AI but also discussed how the human factor shouldn’t be underestimated.

Navigating the unpredictable journey

Lastly, we put it all together and discussed how customer journeys have gained in complexity and now span a plethora of touchpoints in both B2B and B2C contexts. Decisions are influenced by various stakeholders, and often, decisions have already been made before the customers start to seek out more information. Kunde & Co shared their extensive experience pinpointing key customers and identifying their unique purchase paths – for communication that reaches your key audiences at the right time and offers the right values to those who seek it from you.

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