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Ground-breaking concept creates paradigm shift in hearing care

Oticon is a leading global brand in high-performance hearing aid solutions that benefit users in over 100 countries around the world. Based in Denmark, the company employs in excess of 3,000 people and distributes its products through sales offices across 24 countries and 80 independent distributors worldwide.



The task

Global market leader Oticon was about to launch their biggest product innovation in years. In an industry where competitors follow each other very closely, they knew this release had to be executed with a truly unique, ground-breaking marketing concept.

The objective was to create a cut-through in the market and to create a strong platform for sales.


The approach

Through internal workshops and an external market test, different concept scenarios and product benefits were tested.

The process involved hearing aid dispensers and over 1,500 end-users in USA, Germany, France and Denmark.

Here it was fleshed out that the new product had the potential to radically change the industry and represent a technological break-through for Oticon.


A unique position

Contrary to conventional hearing aid solutions, Oticon OpnTM is based on a radically different technology, enabling an ‘open’ 360 degrees sound experience, where speech is amplified and disturbing noise is attenuated. The challenge was to create a unique concept that could promote and effectively communicate Oticon’s revolutionary sound technology. At the same time, the concept should manifest the product incomparability towards both professionals and end-users and thereby create a paradigm shift in the industry.

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Up against conventions

The creative concept, “Open up to the world,” was the outcome of a thorough process involving internal and external stakeholders.

It positions Oticon strongly against competitors by closely tying key features and benefits together with a differentiating position and headline encapsulating that users experience a radically different sound scene and in turn, open up to the world around them.


One strong campaign platform for future product launches

“Open up to the world” is now the common campaign platform from which new products and features are launched.

By continuously leveraging the concept, Oticon emphasises their market-leading position, resulting in historic brand momentum.


Campaign results

Following the launch of Oticon OpnTM in 2016, Oticon won market shares and increased stock value with a record-breaking sale of more than 1.000.000 hearing aids. Additionally, brand tracking shows that Oticon gained strong brand momentum and is now recognised as the strongest brand on the market. This powerful concept effectively positioned Oticon as a pioneer in contemporary hearing solutions, elevating the Oticon brand to new heights.


What we delivered

  • Positioning and campaign strategy
  • Campaign concept
  • Concept and product brochures
  • Campaign and product films
  • Visual identity
  • Web design
  • Print ads
  • Social media

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