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Developing a new, compelling story in the market for Rodenstock

The Rodenstock Group is an international innovation leader and prominent manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames and is the only manufacturer to precisely determine the individual parameters of the eye and transfer them directly into the lens production. They have approximately 4,900 employees and presence in more than 85 countries and its headquarters are in Munich, Germany.


The task

With the DNEye® scanner and the DNEye® PRO technology, Rodenstock can manufacture customised progressive lenses and thus enable uniquely sharp vision for the user. Our task: communicate these advantages to the market with a compelling story that supports this value proposition.


A unique concept development process

For insight into Rodenstock’s innovations, Kunde & Co collaborated with management, development, marketing and sales departments and included a wide range of expert interviews, academic articles and scientific studies. Two directions were developed: ‘Brain Vision’ and ‘B.I.G Vision - Biometric Intelligent Glasses’ along with core messages, corporate concepts, trends and visual identities.

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Initiating an extensive internal and external international test process

Kunde & Co developed a comprehensive survey to test these concepts and uncover the characteristics of the market, the group’s competitors and its customers. The survey involved three Rodenstock’s key markets: Germany, England and Italy with a total of 3,865 individuals including around 650 Rodenstock employees, 200 opticians and other B2B customers, and some 3,000 people who wear glasses.


Strategic recommendations for the repositioning of the company

Based on the survey results and numerous other insights, a set of strategic recommendations were developed along with a new brand strategy in order to reposition the company and capture an optimal brand position. A powerful, integrated communication concept that incorporated the knowledge gained while matching the uncovered market preferences was created.


Compelling story that differentiates Rodenstock in the market

B.I.G. VISIONTM FOR ALL enables Rodenstock to communicate on two levels. At a product level, B.I.G. - Biometric Intelligent Glasses highlights Rodenstock’s innovation and a new product category: lenses based on biometric data.  At a corporate level, B.I.G. VISIONTM FOR ALL is a corporate philosophy centred on a sharper and bigger vision to all eyeglass wearers through Rodenstock’s broad range of lens technologies. 


Broad implementation with high consistency

Kunde & Co developed a new visual identity and a communication portfolio for the concept including a detailed film, printed elements such as a concept brochure, and a sales folder on scientific studies, products and technologies plus online ads and social media content. In January 2020, Rodenstock presented the concept at the international trade fair Opti where it was very well received.


Our services

  • Extensive analysis
  • Expert interviews
  • International market research with 3,865 participants
  • Brand strategy
  • Development of core messages
  • Integrated communication concept
  • Elaborate film
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Print and online advertisements
  • Social media content

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