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One for all:
Unified European communication concept

As part of the international ITW group, Hobart GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of professional-level dishwashers. They also offer a variety of other professional kitchen solutions, like cooking or processing technology or related environmental technology, that are distributed to customers worldwide.



The task

Hobart became one of the world’s leading providers of professional kitchen technology in recent years when the business expanded to a multitude of European countries. This expansion led to country-specific focus areas, like a focus on cooking technology in one country and dishwashing in another. The challenge was then to develop a unified communication concept across all markets — a typical day in the office for Kunde & Co.


A unique process: From initial analyses...

Kunde & Co uses a unique process to develop a classic corporate concept. Its beginning is marked by detailed analyses, which combine comprehensive desk research about markets and target groups with in-depth interviews and insights out of the company. In the Hobart case, this provided us with a strong start in defining the market position of the company: a provider of solutions that are neither “over-designed” nor “over-engineered” but help real professionals with their daily tasks.


... to creative implementation.

Using this insight-based approach, our creative department began developing mood boards, which were tested with the German marketing department of Hobart. After a consolidation of the feedback, we released the first complete concepts. These were then aligned with Europe-wide management. Finally, this iterative process led to a fixed result: the new, unified communication concept.


Let's make it happen

The concept is characterised by the motto “Let’s make it happen”, which creates a frame to contain all product segments. Because the goal is always the same: Mastering the challenges of the everyday together. 300 guests within the next 30 minutes? No problem with Hobart. With the help of this concept the company can now demonstrate its competence as a provider of comprehensive kitchen solutions.

The final concept provides Hobart with a superordinate direction for their complete communication. Kunde & Co’s contribution to the strategy also contained an implementation plan. In Germany the new strategy is already implemented, further countries will follow.


What we delivered

  • Corporate concept process
  • Desk research
  • Interviews and company insights
  • Communication concept
  • Implementation plan

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Bjørn Olsen

Partner - Country Manager, Germany
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