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Breakfast briefing: Marketing’s future role in B2B

Be part of a knowledge sharing opportunity - Delve into strategies and dissect success stories for building winning brand positions. Join our seminar and gain knowledge about Marketing’s future role in B2B.

Our breakfast briefing will take place on the 5th of March in Copenhagen at Kunde & Co and on the 12th of March in Aarhus at Salling Rooftop/Væksthuset.


Duration: 1hr 30 mins

08.00 – 08.30         Coffee, croissant and check-in

08.30 – 09.45         Presentations

09.45 – 10.00         Q/A discussions


Ready to embrace the shift?

We've seen a shift in how international B2B companies operate. It's no longer about marketing products and services anymore—it's about standing out based on value, not just features and functions. When we sit down with marketing leaders, the conversation isn't about dividing tasks between sales and marketing. It's about hammering home the real value a business offers and how it can stand apart from the competition.


And let's face it: hiding behind products and services isn't going to cut it anymore. Customers aren't just interested in what the business sells; they're looking for the expertise and authority behind the brand. They're asking, 'Who's the best solution provider for the future?' 


Dominate or diminish

It's time to step up and become that go-to brand customers can trust in their field. And to do this, businesses need robust argumentation for their products and services that transcends a mere "feature story.” It requires a go-to-market framework that creates a stronger value-experience for customers and one that drives the commercial process.


To address these challenges, our seminar will inspire and provide answers to: 

  1. How to develop a Go-to-Market Framework
  2. How to create a stronger value experience
  3. How to implement strategies for intelligent and integrated visibility in the market. 

Breakfast briefing agenda

1. Introduction to B2B market challenges 2024

A brief overview of market dynamics and challenges. Businesses must focus more on verticals and view markets more homogeneously from a geographical standpoint.


2. Value creation that drives real differentiation

The thought, solution, and product leadership approach and the conceptual development of the company's value story beyond the specific "product" level.


3. The new customer journey - not all journeys are worth winning

The company's approach to the customer journey requires a deep business understanding of customers' decision-making processes to win the correct and relevant customer journeys.


4. What will characterise the winners in the future 

Summarising the thoughts that describe what creates winning go-to-market strategies and implementation plans.


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